Why Keywords are important for your content?

Keyword! The synonym to Online Marketing. People make money because of keywords. People lose money because of keywords. And Yes. The online world revolves around key words, from success of your blog to the robust sales lead pipeline through PPC/CPM campaigns.

what are keywords?In my previous blog, Why blogging should be a part of your marketing strategy, I have mentioned that quality of your content is always important than anything else. Though, this post may be contradicting with my previous one, I will still stand by the fact that quality content overrides every other thing. However, you really don’t want to always write high quality content only but also want it to be reaching out to people who should benefit out of it.  Keywords play a vital role in giving that extra mighty push to your content so that it can reach out to the prospect audience, naturally. …read more

How to drive more traffic to your blog without spending a penny?

Did you really think you have hit the Jackpot by reading the blog title? Well Yes! May be. But wait. Haven’t we all learned one thing in life so far that everything comes with a cost. However the only cost you have to pay for this free traffic is 30-60 minutes from your daily busy schedule. Yes. You read it loud and clear. Only 30-60 minutes.

dollarIn my previous post, Why blogging should be a part of your marketing strategy?, I have discussed about the importance of blogging for your business. Most of the times, for a fast growing business like yours, the organic (rather say “Natural”) traffic that comes your way may not suffice your business needs. So the only options now you are left with are either to go deep in to your pocket and spend it all on advertisements or hire/outsource to a SEO service provider. About the cost of advertisement, I am sure you know it better than me. It’s just like a big-fat-wedding. And as far as the cost of SEO services goes, it may well start from $250 a month to more than $500 a month depending up on your requirements. …read more

Why blogging should be a part of your marketing strategy?

Yes. I remember it to my extreme perfection that I never invited you to read this blog. Nor did I spend a single penny in advertising about this blog. But, if you are still reading this blog then YES! The job is done. And now, do I still need to try too hard to convince you as to why blogging should be a part of your marketing strategy?

People come to internet only for two reasons. To find a solution or to relax and entertain themselves. Rest all reasons fall under these two prime categories. Period. And in today’s online world, content is the king.

Blogging and content writingAs part of your Outbound Marketing (Push Marketing), you reach out to a mass who may or may not be looking for your services. Outdoor banners, Email & SMS marketing, TV commercials, Cold calling. They all are part of your outbound marketing efforts and they all come with a recurring cost, month on month. Blogging or Content marketing plays a vital role as part of your Inbound Marketing (Pull Marketing). …read more

Mass delete fans from your facebook page

We all really sweat it out to see that number ticking higher when it comes to the number of fans on our facebook page. And here I am, talking about deleting them. That too not one or two, but mass delete. Call it a massacre :) .

Reasons are not many, to actually have a need, for this mass deletion of fans. However, when it matters, it’s painful. It’s pain full to say good bye to the fans and it’s more painful to actually implement. …read more

SEO to grow your business beyond the boundaries

In today’s time, people only believe what they see. And when they see something worth their need, they become a part of it. Thus, our SEO service helps your business get that visibility to reach out to your prospect customers. Search engine helps people to find what they are looking for from this vast pool of information in the internet. Our organic SEO approach assists your online presence to get closer to your customers through various search options available.

At Qubiq Square, we understand the various search algorithms used by search engines to pull up information. Thus we know exactly how we need to optimize your content so that it is presented in the most search engine friendly format. From search engine optimization to search engine marketing, we make sure your business follows only an upward trend in terms of sales and revenue. …read more